how do independent filmmakers make money?

Question by findthemall_82: how do independent filmmakers make money?
something iv never understood is that how independent filmmakers make a living.. i did a little bit of filmmaking but am scared of going into it all the way because I see no clear ways of making money as a small but quality filmmaker.. it takes several months to make each film, so im confused how they’re surviving..
i know few of them do some commercial work, but not all of them..
by independent filmmakers, i mean filmmakers who are not funded by big companies like paramount etc, i mean small time indie filmmakers

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Answer by vaughn_nebeker
some use derivatives.hag funds betting on horses ,the beating on movies.
Example; Paramount pitchers spot’s you 20,000,000 pint’s. the bet 43,000,000 but the film enemy
at the gate com in at $ 48,000,000.00. one pays back the 20,000,000 points. then one has $ 23,000,000.00 on the next go around. -$ 3,000,000.00 on the tax’s. take home +$ 25,000,000.00
how ever to be on SSI/SSD one can not bring it home so one rolls it over. it’s were you get the blue chip’s gold chip’s plus cash. the off to the next independent film.
blue chip the trail of winning, gold chip’s bet equity. cash take after ,irs Visit.

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  1. MrSandman says

    There are many opportunities for independent film makers. The lucky ones make feature length films. They raise the money themselves, make their film and then hope that a studio will distribute their movie for them. This takes a large amount of luck, contacts and entrepreneurial skills. Funding the film is the hardest part and may take many years if you don’t have a track record in the film industry – a bit of a catch-22 situation – so often independent film makers will do other work on the side. Some might shoot documentaries or television commercials. A big new growth industry is the internet. Companies can now screen industry or commercial videos very easily via their website and will therefore be needing a good filmmaker to make their videos. The top film makers with their own businesses will do extremely well. Think about it.

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