“Riding Bikes with the Dutch” at Art Theatre Long Beach, CA (intro)

Press Release: LONG BEACH, CA – Pick up your kids from school, shop for groceries or just go for a joy ride—but take your bike instead of your car—and repeat every day. It’s a lifestyle for the Dutch and the inspiration for Riding Bikes with the Dutch a short documentary by Michael Bauch which poses the question: is Long Beach, California the next Amsterdam? On Thursday, June 10, 2010 the City of Long Beach presented an encore screening at the Art Theatre followed by a short question and answer with the filmmaker. Riding Bikes with the Dutch is a fast-paced journey comparing the bicycling culture of Holland with the car-centered lifestyle in Southern California providing a twist of optimism in the urban seaside location of Long Beach, California. Amsterdam streetscapes and bicycle parking structures; Los Angeles freeways and Long Beach bike paths serve as scenic backdrop for the filmmaker’s dream to create more livable communities here in the United States. The film trailer which highlights both Amsterdam and Long Beach communities is now available online at: www.EverydayBike.com Bike riding was a favorite activity for Michael Bauch, a Long Beach resident and independent filmmaker, who noticed that many of his local errands involved short rides which were less than three miles. After installing a simple and inexpensive basket, Bauch’s bicycle was now equipped for runs to the grocery store, bank and post office, and cross-town meetings. Integrating the bike into his
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. TheTrueDJZ says

    Sounds like an interesting film. Now I’m wondering what this ‘butter’ they’re referring to is. Maybe this works gifted bike-riding videographer will enlighten me someday?

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